In music, harmony is the use of simultaneous pitches (tones, notes), or chords. In the Lips series, especially when singing a duo (not to be confused with a duet song), the players require the use of vocal harmonies to score correctly. Since there is no indication at all of when to use a vocal harmony, singers must dominate the song and listen to it several times if they want to reach the highest scores on the Leaderboards.

This article was specifically created for those people who think some duo songs are broken when in fact, they are not.

Usage Edit

A vocal harmony means essentially that one singer must sing slightly in a higher or lower pitch than the lead voice of the song. This is apparent in songs such as Heart's Alone, where the lead voice dominates and the "second voice" or "backing vocal" creates a harmony on the chorus of the song. This is even more apparent in some covers of this song, such as Glee's version.

Alone - Glee03:37

Alone - Glee

Listen closely at 0:57 and 1:32, the singers switch back and forth between who sings the lead vocals and who backs up creating a vocal harmony.

In fact, this cover is the perfect example of what should be done in this case in Lips. In the first part of the cover, the female voice is the lead vocalist while the male voice creates the vocal harmony. After the first chorus has passed, the roles are switched over, this is the case with most songs that use vocal harmony in this karaoke series.

Songs with Vocal Harmonies Edit

The following is a list of songs that include vocal harmonies when played as a duo. Location dictates the place in which the vocal harmony appears in the song, while the Swap column states if the vocal harmony is swapped back and forth between mics, such as in the example above.

The list is by no means complete, so readers are encouraged to help fill the holes in here.

An easy way to spot if a song has harmony in, is to sing the main melody into both microphones at the same time, and as soon as one mic starts missing a load of notes, this will be where a harmony section begins. Of course, on songs like Tripping and So What where both mics say different words at times, this isn't possible, but for the majority of the songs this technique works well.

See also Edit

Origin Song Title Artist Location Swap Notes
DLC "Somethin' Stupid" Robbie Williams and Nicole Kidman Whole Song X markN Mic #2 always sings in a lower pitch.
Lips "Love in a Trashcan" The Raveonettes Whole Song X markN
PC "Red Red Wine" UB40 Chorus Yes checkY
#1H "Karma Chameleon" Culture Club Chorus Yes checkY
#1H "The Look" Roxette Whole Song X markN Mic #1 always sings in a slightly higher pitch.
#1H "I Don't Feel Like Dancing" Scissor Sisters Chorus Yes checkY
DLC "Chasing Cars" Snow Patrol 2nd half X markN It starts on the "Before we get too old" verse on mic #2.
DLC "Spitting Games" Snow Patrol Chorus Yes checkY
DLC "Take Back the City" Snow Patrol Chorus Yes checkY
DLC "So What" P!nk Last chorus X markN Mic #1 separates itself from the backing vocals.
DLC "The Reason" Hoobastank Chorus Yes checkY
DLC "Paparazzi" Lady Gaga Slightly before the chorus Yes checkY It starts on the "It don't have a price", "Ready for those flashing lights" on mic #2
DLC "Always" Erasure Chorus Yes checkY
DLC "Linger" The Cranberries Whole Song Yes checkY
DLC "Alone" Heart Chorus Yes checkY
DLC "LoveGame" Lady Gaga Chorus, second verse Yes checkY
DLC "Carnival" The Cardigans Everytime there's backing vocals Yes checkY The male voice is always the one who creates the vocal harmony.
DLC "100 Years" Five For Fighting End Chorus X markN The voice is slightly lower in pitch, and begins on 'fifteen, there's still time'.
DLC "Clocks" Coldplay Whole Song Yes checkY Players switch between the harmony every verse and chorus - and the pitch is slightly higher.
DLC "The Scientist" Coldplay Chorus and One Verse Yes checkY In one verse, the second mic does some 'ooos', and in the chorus there is a lower pitch, starting on "nobody said it was easy".
DLC "Little Lies" Fleetwood Mac Chorus X markN The second mic sings in a higher pitch at the chorus.

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