The Star Stream is one of the key components for core Lips players to raise their high score. It is the equivalent of the Star Power in the Guitar Hero series.

Once a player unleashes his or her Star Stream, part of the lyrics bar will turn into stars, which will be collected each time a players sings in correct pitch until the Stream is over. Each star is worth 1,000 points. Adequate usage (i.e., do not use Star Stream when an interlude is about to come) is key to a higher score, or to get the coveted Infinity rank.

Changes Edit

In the Lips: Number One Hits Game Engine, players can activate Star Stream by simply shaking the mic lightly once the bar is full. However, the Combo system has a bigger impact on a player's high score than the Star Stream.

Filling the Bar Edit

There are several ways to fill the Star Stream bar in Lips

Lips-20081112031216568 640w

Player 1 has their Star Stream ready in Missy Higgins' Scar.

  • Shaking the mic in a random rhythm fills it a little.
  • Shaking the mic in sync with the song makes it fill exponentially.
  • Singing in correct pitch also fills it a little.

To unleash Star Stream, a player must mimick the song gesture presented on-screen. It is also possible to unleash a 2x Star Stream in Co-Op by unleashing the power at the same time (effectively turning it into a 4x Star Stream).

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