On-Disc songs are songs that are included in a certain version of the Lips series. Over 250 songs have been released via disc format.

Disc Swapping Edit

The main issue with On-disc songs is that players require to disc swap if they want to sing songs from another soundtrack. Disc swapping works different for the first Lips game because the interface and mechanics of the game are different, so players will need to disc swap twice in order to play a song for the original Lips (this is not the case if players boot the original game and swap the other discs around with the first interface). If players however, switch discs between Number One Hits and the other newer discs, they will only need to disc swap it once, since all discs released after that share the same Game Engine.

Songs Included Edit

Since the first Lips game was released on several regions with some soundtrack changes, some songs are exclusive to certain regions. This was a first and last for the Lips series, afterward, all Lips soundtracks have been static, meaning the songs included appear in all regions regardless of where it is purchased.

Some songs from the first Lips game that were exclusive to a certain region have been released as downloadable content. Examples include: Can I Get Get Get and Erase/Rewind.

Every Lips disc includes 40 songs, with Canta en Español being the exception and only including 35 songs.

Main Series Soundtracks Edit

Lips Edit

Since the first Lips soundtrack is different for each region, it cannot really be categorized as it contains 40 songs from a variety of genres and decades. For a complete soundtrack list of all regions, see Lips/Soundtrack.

Number One Hits Edit

Number One Hits includes songs that were chart-toppers at one time. Most of its soundtrack is also composed of 00's chart-toppers. For a complete soundtrack, see Lips: Number One Hits/Soundtrack.

Party Classics Edit

Party Classics contains songs deemed as "karaoke classics". Most of its soundtrack is composed of 80's and 90's hits. For a complete soundtrack, see Lips: Party Classics/Soundtrack.

I Love The 80s Edit

I Love The 80s includes songs from the 80s only, or at least close to the beginning of the decade. For a complete soundtrack, see Lips: I Love The 80s/Soundtrack.

Foreign Discs Soundtracks Edit

Deutsche Partyknaller Edit

Deutsche Partyknaller includes songs in German or songs in English by german artists. For a complete soundtrack, see Lips: Deutsche Partyknaller/Soundtrack.

Canta en Español Edit

Canta en Español focuses entirely on songs in Spanish. It is also the disc with the fewest songs to date (35). For a complete soundtrack, see Lips: Canta en Español/Soundtrack.