Noisemakers are a gameplay gimmick first introduced in Lips.

Usage Edit

By shaking the mic, players are able to use noisemakers to their advantage. At first, only a bit of Star Stream power is gained by shaking, however if players shake the wireless microphone in sync with the rhythm, they are able to gain huge chunks of Star Stream power and the Party medal.

Types Edit

Players can freely change the type of noisemakers being used by selecting each song's options menu. The types of noisemakers are as follows:

Name Mic Shake A Button B Button Y Button X Button RB LB LB+RB Default Setting In:
Default Varies Varies Varies Varies Varies Varies Varies Varies All Songs
Party Tambourine Tambourine Handclap Rattle Jingle Bell Güiro (High Notes) Güiro (Low Notes) Crash Cymbal Most Alternative songs.
Ballad Rattle Maracas Finger Snap Light Hi-Hat Tambourine Bongo Drum (High Notes) Bongo Drum (Low Notes) Trashy Cymbal Most R&B/Soul songs.
Heavy Loud Handclap Boot Stomp Loud handclap Heavy Tambourine Jingle Bell Cowbell (High Notes) Cowbell (Low Notes) Crash Cymbal Some Rock songs.
Percussion Maracas Bass Drum Tom Floor Tom Trashy Drum Hi-Hat Hi-Hat (Flat) Crash Cymbal None.
R&B Kit Disc Scratch Bass Drum (2) Loud hanclap Disc Scratch (2) Tom Hi-Hat Hi-Hat (Flat) Crash Cymbal None.
Synthesizer Effects UFO Sound Red Button Laser Gun Wave Gun Ship Laser UFO Sound (2) UFO Sound (3) Robot Sound Speed Up, Love at First Sight, Fireflies.

In addition to this, by tilting the Right Stick, players are able to summon a cheering crowd with different encores. Pressing this stick will also make a wine glass appear and shatter immediately.

Trivia Edit

  • All types of noisemakers (except for the Percussion set) have the same instrument asigned to the microphone shake as a button press.

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