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Lips Music Store

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December 22, 2009



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Modified Lips: Number One Hits

The Lips Music Store is an alternative way of purchasing downloadable content in the Lips series with the use of Microsoft Points. It is available as a free download from the Xbox Live Marketplace and it is similar to the old Get Music menu from the first Lips, combining it with some improvements first found in Number One Hits (mainly the enhanced user interface).

As with all of Lips' DLC, the songs downloaded from here are compatible with any version of the game.

Navigation Edit

Lips MusicStore AchyBreakyHeart

Selecting Achy Breaky Heart in the Music Store's Song Grid. Note the similarities between the UI of Number One Hits.

Players can opt to view their purchased content, the contents of the store, or both. Additionally, it is possible to sort the songs by artist, song title or release date. When previewing a song, the following aspects are shown:

  • Song Title
  • Artist
  • Genre
  • Original Year of Release
  • Release Date in Lips.
  • Lyrics Abstract
  • Music Video Preview
  • Audio Preview

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