Lips: Number One Hits
Lips Number One Hits
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October 20th, 2009


49 for 1250 gamerscore (cumulative with Lips)

Avatar Awards

10 (5 female / 5 male)

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Lips: Number One Hits

Lips: Number One Hits is a video game for the Xbox 360, and a follow-up title to the original Lips. Number One Hits was developed by iNiS and published by Microsoft Game Studios. The game, like its predecessor, features the use of motion sensitive wireless microphones and includes 40 chart-topping hits. It was first released on October 20th, 2009.

Number One Hits supports old as well as new downloadable content. Unlike the first game, it can only be bought as a bundle with two wireless microphones in Europe. Everywhere else, the game was shipped with one microphone only.

Gameplay Changes Edit

  • All features found in the Power Pack DLC are retained in Number One Hits.
  • Scoring: A combo system has been introduced - the longer you can sing perfectly for continued periods, the higher your score will be.
  • Leaderboard Changes: Rankings: New in-game rankings mean you can literally see how much you’re rocking out during a song, with the active Leaderboard feature that ranks you as you sing. When you’re nailing your performance, you’ll see your ranking fly up and know when you need to push it over the edge to reach the top.
  • Prize Cups: You and your friends can share in the glory by winning Bronze, Silver, Gold and Diamond prize cups.
  • Interactions: Your Xbox LIVE Avatars will jump into the on-screen video when the time is right to show you how to use your Xbox 360 Wireless Microphone’s motion-sensing technology to perform a song-specific gesture, such as clapping your hands or strumming an air guitar. These replace the old gestures in Lips.
  • Return of the noisemakers: Noisemakers are now part of the song and bonus points are rewarded for shaking the mic at the appropiate time (see image). These are called Timed Noisemakers .
  • Unlockable Accessories: Unlock Lips-exclusive Avatar Awards by singing your way to them.
  • Sing old songs: Players can opt to sing songs from the first Lips game by a simple disc swap while playing Number One Hits.
  • Enhanced UI: Upcoming lyrics now appear with a transparency filter applied to them in order to let the player know when to continue singing. Also, a player's gamerpic will be visible on the upper part of the screen.

Viva la Vida Gameplay2

Timed Noisemakers on Viva la Vida.

Navigation Edit

Much like in the last game, Number One Hits features some old as well as new menus to enhance the user's experience:

  • Sing: Works pretty much the same as the last game. Except now it is easily sortable and there are many filters available.
  • Freestyle: Players can sing their DRM-free songs as to avoid cluttering the main sing menu. A new sort feature is available here which is similar to that found in many portable music players.
  • My Lips: The exact same menu as in the last game, except players can review their Grand Rank and change the mic color here.
  • Experience: Options menu.
  • Jukebox: A selection of songs (some of them chosen by the iNiS staff) will be displayed.


Soundtrack Edit

On July 29th, all 40 master tracks were revealed via Lips' Facebook page. The songlist includes hits by Lady Gaga, Kanye West, Lily Allen and Mariah Carey.

See the complete soundtrack here.

In addition, players can download a free 5-pack DLC via the Xbox Live Marketplace. The 5-pack was chosen according to a poll at the official Lips page on, in which voting for this DLC ended on the week of October 18, 2009. The three winning options were:

It is also possible to play the original soundtrack from the first Lips game by swapping the disc when playing Number One Hits. The game detects the saved game from the first game as to consolidate the main Sing grid with songs from both games as well as downloadable content. It is not possible to copy the songs to a hard drive as to avoid swapping the disc from time to time.

While iNiS promised that downloadable content would be cross-compatible between main Lips titles, it was found that over 20 songs were Incompatible DLC while playing Number One Hits. This was patched on October 23, 2009 by releasing new updated DLC on the Xbox Live Marketplace.

Number One Hits Package
Number One Hits Menu

Achievements Edit

Achievements are shared between the original Lips game and Number One Hits. Players who purchase Number One Hits can gain access to an extra 250 gamerscore points for a total of 1250 points.

For a complete list of achievements, check here.

Avatar Awards Edit

Main article: Avatar Awards

For the first time in any Xbox 360 game ever, players can unlock clothing and accessories for the Xbox Live Avatars. Accessories include shades worn by pop singer, Lady Gaga.

Promotions Edit

  • In October 2009, a partnership was made together with retailer Best Buy and pop star Colbie Caillat to release an exclusive three song pack. This song pack was only available as a retail bonus from buying Lips: Number One Hits at Best Buy. It was releases as downloadable content in November 2009.

Updates Edit

On October 21, 2009 (one day after the game's launch) the game was patched to include the Avatar Awards that were promised in press releases.

Glitches Edit

Most issues found in the original Lips have been corrected by Number One Hits. However, a number of new issues have arised. The game no longer has a laggy menu, but while singing, players are sometimes victims of slowdown. Also, there were 21 songs that were considered incompatible DLC. The Lips team addressed the compatibility issue three days after it was brought up and has resolved it since then.

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