Get Music is one of the main menus in Lips. In this section, players are able to buy music as downloadable content or import songs from an external media player to be sung in the main Sing menu. In Number One Hits, Get Music is integrated into the latter menu instead.

Song Import Edit

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In the first edition of Lips, players can use the Get Music menu to import DRM free songs from their media players. If you have a hard drive, the total number of songs that can appear in Lips is 5,000. Otherwise, the limit on the Get Music screen is 2,000. When 2,000 songs or more are available on your player, the list shows the songs as indexed on the selected player. In most cases, this is the alphabetically. The game can only work with one personal music player at a time.

In Number One Hits and later installments, this limit was lifted in the new Freestyle mode.

Updates Edit

  • November 21, 2008: Three days after the first game's launch seven songs were initially available for purchase.
  • Late November 2008: Take on Me was offered as free DLC in countries where it was not available as an on disc song. This was discontinued on June 2009.
  • December 5-12, 2008: Ten Holiday songs were available for download. These songs were pulled from the Marketplace sometime around April 2009 (this cycle was repeated during holiday 2009).
  • Up until July 31, 2009 three new songs were offered each week, sometimes four when a song already available in another region as an On-disc Song was made available as downloadable content worldwide.
  • August-October 2009: Known as the 'DLC Drought' by the online community. Only two songs were released weekly via the Get Music menu.
  • October 30, 2009: Thanks to the release of Deutsche Partyknaller, Lips now offers German-exclusive DLC in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Belgium.
  • November 27, 2009: Lips starts offering songs in Spanish as DLC.
  • December 22, 2009: The Lips Music Store is released via the Xbox Live Marketplace as an alternative for browsing and purchasing songs.

Restrictions Edit

Save for songs that are available as DLC but were released as an On-Disc Song before, there are few Region Locked Songs in Lips. So far, only one song has been restricted to certain regions:

Also, foreign songs are usually region locked to their respective countries. German songs are usually offered only in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Belgium, while Spanish songs are offered only in Mexico and Spain.