A game engine is a software system designed for the creation and development of video games. The core functionality typically provided by a game engine includes a rendering engine (“renderer”) for 2D or 3D graphics, a physics engine or collision detection (and collision response), sound, scripting, animation, artificial intelligence, networking, streaming, memory management, threading, and a scene graph. The process of game development is frequently economized by in large part reusing the same game engine to create different games. In the Lips series, there are currently two main game engines.

Lips Edit

Sing Grid

The song grid in the first game engine, showing Ace of Base's The Sign.

The first eight localized soundtracks of Lips run on the same engine. This engine is notorious for being glitchy, and there was the need of several updates during the course of its lifetime such as the Power Pack DLC. During the first months of operation some severe glitches were found, vibrato was broken, songs suddenly dissappeared from the grid and the game slowed down at times.

This engine contained the basis of the series, such as medals, rankings, Star Stream and Grand Ranks. A unique feature found in this engine was the ability to change the game's background to set the mood.

Number One Hits Edit

Sing Grid2

The grid in the second game engine, note the Avatar and the music video preview of Kanye West's Heartless.

In late 2009, three games were released under a new game engine: Lips: Number One Hits, Canta en Español and Deutsche Partyknaller. These games were notorious for fixing the first game's engine while adding some new features such as Timed Noisemakers, Timed Gestures and Prize Cups.

It also brought new features to the song grid such as the music video preview and a faster sorting of the song.

The Lips Music Store is also based on this engine.

Enhanced NOH Engine Edit

In 2010, Party Classics and I Love The 80s were released with some minor changes to the Number One Hits engine, namely the ability to use USB microphones and a new filter option for the original Lips songs. In I Love The 80s the in-game leaderboard system has changed, displaying current rankings that haven't yet entered the top 1000.

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