Freestyle Mode is the name given to the place where players can import their DRM-free songs to sing along with a custom music video.

In the first edition of Lips, this was integrated into the Get Music menu, while in later installments it was given a menu of its own.

Gameplay Edit

The song played while in this mode will not feature lyrics or a pitch bar. It will, however, let players score points via a speech recognizing tool. Finally, it will also display a custom music video depending on the song's genre.

Restrictions Edit

Total Songs Edit

If you have a hard drive, the total number of songs that can appear in Lips is 5,000. Otherwise, the limit on the Get Music screen is 2,000. When 2,000 songs or more are available on your player, the list shows the songs as indexed on the selected player. In most cases, this is the alphabetically. The game can only work with one personal music player at a time.

This restriction does NOT apply to newer titles such as Number One Hits.

Incompatible Formats Edit

Your Xbox 360 console can detect certain music files that cannot be played through Lips. In this case, a song may last only two seconds or not play at all. DRM-protected songs encounter this issue on music players other than Zunes. You cannot play DRM-protected songs through Lips on music players other than Zunes. For Zune players, DRM-protected songs play as expected.

DRM-free songs that are not AAC files play as expected. (An AAC file is a type of MPEG-4 file.) To make sure DRM-free AAC files play as you want, get a free download from Xbox Live Marketplace using the Xbox 360: "Optional Media Support."

Incompatible Music Players Edit

  • Apple: iPhone, iPhone 3G, iPod Classic (1st generation), iPod touch
  • Archos: Pocket Video Recorder
  • Creative Labs: Jukebox 2, Jukebox 3, Jukebox Zen, Jukebox Zen NX, Nomad IIC (64 MB)
  • Gateway: DMP-X20
  • iRiver: IFP-140, IFP-180T, IFP-195T, IFP-340, IFP-380T, IFP-590T
  • Rio: 800, Cali (256MB), Chiba, Eigen, Fuse, Karma, Nitrus, Riot
  • Samsung: YP-910

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